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  1. (E) E is evaluated before doing anything outside the parenthesis. This is useful for isolating expressions that need to be done in a specific order, or when you are uncertain about precedence (described later).

  2. E1, E2 E1 is evaluated first and the result stored, then E2 is evaluated and the result thrown away, lastly the stored result of E1 is returned as the value of the entire expression.

    The statement 'a = 1, 2, 3;' will set 'a' to contain '1'.

  3. V = E The variable is given the value of the expression. The result of this entire expression is also the value of E.

    'a = b = 4;' will set a and b to be 4. It can also be written 
    'a = (b = 4)' to illustrate the order of execution.

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