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LPmud is a very fascinating game to play, but even more so to develop. There's very little that you can't do if you really set your mind to it, though it might be a bit tricky at times. The strongest lure naturally is the multi-user quality of the game; to actually have hundreds, yes even thousands of players enjoying your code is a great feeling.

This tutorial will teach you the necessary basic knowledge needed to create code in the LPmud environment, and Genesis in particular. It's no easy read though, so please expect to spend a few days assimilating and learning what I'll try to teach you here. Apart from this dire warning I would just like to wish you a pleasurable time coding once the initial hurdle is behind you.

-- Ronny Wikh, 7 July 2003

Copying Conditions  Your rights to this document.
Introduction  An introduction to the tutorial
1. LPC basics  Very basic LPC
2. Essential LPC and Mudlib  Essential LPC and Mudlib, what you really need
3. Advanced LPC and Mudlib  Advanced topics
LPC Index  An index of all LPC statements/functions and operators
Efun/Sfun Index  A complete index to all Efuns and Sfuns
Lfun/Macro Index  An index to all used lfuns
Type Index  A complete index to all LPC types
Command Index  An index to some of the mud commands

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