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You can call several objects at once just as easily as a single one. If you have an array of path strings or object pointers, or a mapping where the value part are path strings or object pointers you can call all the referenced objects in one statement. The result will be an array with the return values if you call using an array and a mapping with the same index values as the calling mapping if you give a mapping.

(array/mapping)	<array/mapping>-><function>(<argument list>);
     * I want a mapping where the indices are the names of the players
     * in the game, and the values are their hit points.
    object *people, *names;
    mapping hp_map;

    // Get a list of all players.
    people = users();

    // Get their names.
    names = people->query_real_name();

    // Make a mapping to call with. Item = name:pointer
    hp_map = mkmapping(names, people)

    // Replace the pointers with hit point values.
    hp_map = hp_map->query_hp();

    // All this could also have been done simpler as:
    hp_map = mkmapping(users()->query_real_name(), users()->query_hp());

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