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There exists a number of standard object classes for use in various situations. You will need to read the separate documentation on each and every one of them in order to fully learn to use them. However, this summary of the available classes will at least point you in the correct direction as you go.

As stated earlier you have to inherit most of these objects in order for your derived objects to work at all. However, it is possible to create new versions of some of them on your own. Again, I must emphasize that this is not a good idea since you then deviate from the common base of object functionality that is in use in the game. Problems that occur because of this actually are tricky to catch and track down since it isn't the first thing you suspect that someone has done.

Armour of any kind

Bulletin boards

A book with pages you can open, turn and read

The base of all kinds of money

Any object that can contain another

Corpse of dead monsters/players/npcs

Simple living creatures, basically a mobile that can fight

Use this as a base to preload things in domains

A door that connects two rooms

Any type of drink

Any type of food

`/std/guild (directory)'
Guild related objects (the guild and the shadows)

Any kind of object that can be put in heaps


Keys for doors

Remains from decayed corpses

Living objects

Mobile living objects

Monsters of any kind

A creature which can use 'tools', i.e. weapons.

The base object class

Handle effects in poison of any kind


Any kind of closable/lockable container

Handle resistance against various kinds of things

Any kind of room

Rope objects


Used as base when creating shadows

Spell objects, tomes etc

Torches/lamps etc

Any kind of weapons

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