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1.1.2 Compiled/Interpreted code

Programs are nothing but files containing instructions suited for the computer to understand. To program is to write lists of instructions in such a way that the computer reaches a predefined goal. Usually a program is compiled - translated - into a low-level code expressed in binary symbols (high and low electrical states in computer memory) which the computer understands with ease. The actual language you use to program in is merely a convenient go-between, a compromise which both you and the computer can understand. The reason you compile code is that the translation step is fairly complicated and time-consuming. You'd rather just do that once and then store the result, using it directly over and over again.

LPC however, isn't compiled, it's interpreted. The instructions are read and translated to the computer one by one, executed and forgotten. Well, this is not 100% true. In fact, the gamedriver which is the program running on the host computer translates the LPC code into an intermediate simple instruction code. This set of instruction codes makes up the code part of the so called 'master object' held in computer memory. When you run an LPC program, the instruction set is traced, line by line as described above, causing the computer to execute a predefined set of actions defined by the instructions.

The difference between having interpreted and compiled code is that while the compiled code is quicker, the interpreted version is much easier to modify. If you want to change something in the compiled version you have to make the change in the source code, then recompile and store the new version, then try it out. With interpreted code you just make the change in the source and run it. With LPC you need to instruct the gamedriver to destroy the old master object instruction set as well, but more about that later.

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