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1.2 Basic LPC

LPC if fairly similar to the language C, although some differences exist. As the experienced coder will find, it basically is a bit simplified with some new convenient types added and a set of functions to handle those types. Some inconsistencies exist but they are not serious enough to cause any problems as long as you are aware of them.

1.2.1 Comments  How to put comments in code
1.2.2 Data types  The LPC data types
1.2.3 Variable declarations  How to declare variables
1.2.4 Function declarations  How to declare functions
1.2.5 Statements and Expressions  The statement and expression concept
1.2.6 Scope and prototypes  The scope and function prototype concept
1.2.7 Operator expressions  Operator expressions explained
1.2.8 Prefix allocation  The special prefix allocation statement
1.2.9 Conditionals  The conditional statement type
1.2.10 Precedence and Order of evalutaion  Precedence and order of evaluation
1.2.11 Loop statements  How to write loops in LPC
1.2.12 The break and continue statement  The break and continue statements
1.2.13 Arrays and Mappings  The special LPC types explained in more detail

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