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It might sound strange that I start off with this, but there'll be comments everywhere, so you need to be able to recognize them from the very start.

There are two kinds of comments:

<code> // This is a comment stretching to the end of the line.

<code> /* This is an enclosed comment */ <code>

As you can see, the first type of comment starts off with the // characters and then stretches all the way to the end of the line. If you want more lines of comments, you'll have to start off those as well with new // characters.

The second type is a type that has a definite length. They start with /* and end with */. This kind of comment is useful when you have to write something that will stretch over several lines, as you only have to write the comment symbol in the start and the beginning.

NB! The /* */ comment can not be nested. I.e. you can not write something like this for example:

/* A comment /* A nested comment */ the first continues */

What will happen is that the comment will end with the first found */, leaving the text the first continues */ to be interpreted as if it was LPC code. Naturally this won't work and instead you'll get an error message.

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