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2.3.15 Directory handling

Creating, renaming and removing directories are handled by the efuns mkdir(), rename() and rmdir(). You need write permissions in the directory you are doing this, of course. mkdir() and rmdir() return 1 on success and 0 on failure. rename(), as already pointed out, works the other way around and returns 1 on failure, 0 on success. rmdir() only works if the directory you want to remove is empty, i.e. contains no other files or directories.

int mkdir(string path);
int rename(string oldpath, string newpath);
int rmdir(string path);

For listing the contents of a directory, you can use the efun get_dir(). It simply returns an array with the names of all files in the specified directory, or an empty array on failure.

string *get_dir(string path);
    string *dir_contents;
    int i, sz;

    dir_contents = get_dir("/d/Domain/fatty");

    for (i = 0, sz = sizeof(dir_contents); i < sz; i++)
        // See the code for file_info in a previous example

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