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2.4 Some mud commands

It might look strange that I've put this chapter so late in the text. The trouble really is that of the hen and the egg; It's impossible to understand and use the commands before understanding how the game really works. To understand how the game works, you need to experiment with the commands... Well, with any luck you were reading this manual before you started to experiment, so this chapter comes just in time for you to sit down and start writing some code.

First of all I'd like to ask you to bone up on your editing skills. Either learn how to use ed, which is the only available in-mud editor, or use an external editor together with ftp. I recommend emacs with ange-ftp for that purpose, makes network-based retrieving and saving files virtually invisible.

The following commands are best described in the game. Just type help <command> to get the full text. What I've written here is simply a short summation of their functionality.

2.4.1 Compile and load an object into gamedriver memory  Load an object into memory
2.4.2 Compile, load and clone an object to the game  Load and clone an object into the game
2.4.3 Destroy a cloned object  
2.4.4 Update a loaded object  Remove a loaded object from memory

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