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2.4.1 Compile and load an object into gamedriver memory

With this command you instruct the gamedriver to try to compile and load a file into memory. This command is mostly used to make sure that a file will load, but for some objects that never are intended to be cloned (e.g. rooms), it's a good way of making them available by other objects. As described earlier, this object is called the master object.

If the file won't load, the actual error message ends up in two logs; the central /lplog file and the error log belonging to the domain or wizard who made the object. For domains the path to the log is /d/<Domain>/log/errors, and for wizards it is /w/<Wizard>/log/errors.

Unfortunately, the error messages are sometimes hard to understand. Again unfortunately, I cannot help you much with that particular problem; there's simply too many errors possible (and you'll be exploring them all, believe me :). Most are pretty self-explanatory, and with time you will learn to recognize and understand the trickier ones.

The command load works on several files as well, which then will be loaded one by one with a short delay. However, loading is a rather heavy operation on top of which a master object takes resources in the gamedriver, so don't load files you don't intend to use right away.

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