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2.5.12 Set a tracer variable

As explained earlier, one of the greatest dangers in using the tracer tool is that the inventory position of an object you want to perform an action on changes.

Syntax: Set $<variable> <object spec> Syntax: Set

Assume for example that you want to Reload a sword of your making in the inventory of the player Adam. The sword is buggy and you need to remove it invisibly to Adam. To find the correct object position in the inventory you have typed Dump *adam inv and found out that it is object number five. Then you perform the command Destruct *adam:#5. Unfortunately, between the Dump and the Destruct command, Adam dropped something out of his inventory and you find that you have destroyed his heap of 1249 platinum coins. Adam will hardly be pleased.

Instead, obtain the object reference and store that in a variable. On having found out that the object is the fifth in Adam's inventory, do Set $sword *adam:#5. The tracer then reports that the variable is set to a heap of platinum coins, which means you have to take a look in his inventory again. This time you find out that the object moved to position four. You do Set $sword *adam:#4 and the tracer reports that the variable now points to the sword you want to destroy. Now you type Destruct $sword and the sword and nothing but the sword is destroyed.

You can have any number of variables set, but please notice that they are forgotten if you log out. Also please notice that if an object is destroyed, the variable is removed.

To list all variables you have stored, just perform the commmand Set with no arguments.

A neat feature is that the last specified object automatically gets stored as $, which means that having once specified an object in any tracer command, you then only need to type <Command> $ <options> to specify the same object again.

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