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iii - History of LPC

LPC is the interpreted mud language created by Lars Pensjö{} for his invention LPMUD, an interactive multi-user environment suited for many purposes, games not being the least of them. Since the first appearance in 1988 the language has changed dramatically.

Development was taken over by other people at Chalmers Datorfö{}rening, primarily Jakob Hallé{}n, Lennart Augustsson and Anders Chrigströ{}m around 1990. They extended and refined the language extensively, but, as the name LPC hints of, it still retains its links to the language 'C'. The main differences lie in the object structure that's imposed on the language as well as some new data types to faciliate game programming. The language is not as free-form as 'C', but on the other hand it's more suitable for the purpose which it was created for - programming in a game environment.

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