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This tutorial is intended to be something that anyone can read and learn from. Now, this is, of course, impossible, so let's amend that a bit. It's a tutorial that anyone with at least a bit of knowledge of programming and a will to learn can use. You don't have to know about C before you start, and I believe that even true virgins might be able to learn how to code. They will, of course, have a much harder job though.

Experienced coders, even mud coders, will need to read the tutorial since it explains concepts that are unique for this game, but they will be able to skim most of it and focus only on the trickier bits. I leave the selection of what is and what is not important to you, the reader, since you're the only one who knows how much you need to learn.

As the LPC language in actual application is closely knitted to the mudlib which it is used in, I will also cover part of that. However, I will not teach you how to use the mudlib in detail, you'll have to read other documents for that. All of this makes this tutorial pretty specific for games, and Genesis in particular. Keep this in mind if you are reading it on another game.

I hope you'll find the tutorial useful and worth the effort it takes to read. It sure took a lot of effort to write, so it'd better not be for nothing! :)

i - Acknowledgments  Thanks for helping out
ii - Tutorial Setup  The way the tutorial works
iii - History of LPC  A brief historical entry
iv - Gamedriver/Mudlib  What is what?
v - Administrative Setup  How is the mud run?
vi - Writing code  How it should look.

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