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iv - Gamedriver/Mudlib

The distinction between gamedriver and mudlib might seem hard to define at times, but it's really very simple. The gamedriver is the program that runs on the host computer. It is basically an interpreter in conjunction with an object management kernel, almost a small operating system in its own right. It defines and understands the LPC language, interprets it and executes the instructions given to it through the LPC objects in the game.

The mudlib is the collection of LPC objects that make up the basic game environment. While the gamedriver knows nothing about what it actually is doing, the mudlib does. (The mudlib can conversely be said to have no idea about how it does what it does, while the gamedriver does). It contains the basic set of LPC objects that are used in the game, the players, the monsters, the rooms etc. Individual efforts (domain code) are stored and handled separately and uses both the services of the gamedriver and the mudlib.

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