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v - Administrative Setup

The game can be said to have been divided into three distinctive parts as suggested above; The gamedriver, the mudlib and the domain code. The gamedriver and mudlib I have already explained. The domain concept is a way to organize the way code is written. A domain is principally a group of wizards working towards a predefined goal. This project can be limited in space, an actual area in the game world, or as intangible as a guild or sect that the players can become members of.

Within a domain there is a leader, a domain Lord. He is the local taskmaster who decides what goes on and in which direction work should progress. In the domain all code is shared easily and usually is strongly interconnected.

Naturally there have to be ties between different domains as well, but these are usually weaker and actual code is seldom shared.

As a newbie wizard you will try to find a domain in which to enroll, that sounds interesting and inspiring to work with.

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