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you are now able to drop things from your inventory even in total darkness,
but don’t be too astonished if you confuse some stuff every now and then.



we have changed the business conditions for banks: The fees for transactions are reduced by 50%, only 2.5% fee per transaction from now on. Also, there is a minimum (2bc) and maximum (2gc) transaction fee now. The @weekly fee of 1% of your balance has been removed without substitution.



We have a new switch “toggle prompt”, please check out help toggle.


thanks to Turian’s unwearying work for our mud, you now have a new command which allows you to review the last messages your character received, incase you missed parts of a communication or so.

The name of the new command is “recap”, please check it out (and also help recap) and don’t forget to praise Turian.


Today we inserted the new area between Arborea and Elvandar.
The motivation is to get enough place for Derring and get more distance between the main cities.

If you noticed a ‘You travel a very long distance xxx’ please report it, so we can correct the overseen coordinates.
The same when exits and exit back no longer correspond. Or when the roomdesc displays information, that should be no longer be seen from this point.

There are some dangerous places in the new areas. So be careful when you explore the areas beyond the roads.
There should be hints when danger is ahead, so read everything carefully and ignore the warnings only on your risk.



In the near future a new area will inserted between Arborea and Elvandar.
Therefore all of Elvandar will be a bit more in the north. The road to Giat will be affected too. This means the old connection and paths are lost, but there will be a new ones.

So when it happens, please report wrong exits, that are overseen, or old room descriptions that speak of landmarks that are no longer visible or in another direction.

The main cause for this is to create enough place for the new domain Derring and increase the distance between the cities of Elvandar and Arborea.




in next future all the guildweapons will be overworked.
It is the goal to make the guilds more unique in their equiments.

One consequence will be the concentration on a few typical weapons for every guild and the main weapon of each guild should be more unique than at present time.

But the supported guildweapons should be good items.

After the first overview the main changes will be in the three cleric guilds, but other guilds will be affected too.




due to the preperation for the domain Derring the coastlines and shiplines are changed.
It will be active with the next reboot at Friday.
If notice something strange with the line ships please report it.




I have updated the core file for npc archers and mercenaries.
Let us know via report if any problems pop up.
They should, however, behave more logically now.


04/08/ 2012

Halflings rejoice! Now you can not only pull your husbands out of fish
barrels, but you can pull branches into ye olde campfire!

No more excuses, get those fish a-cooking!

See the helpfiles for details and report any oddities.


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