elcome to Geas, an exciting and challenging multiplayer online roleplaying game or MUD (Multi User Dungeon) of unmatched complexity and realism. Geas has been in existence since 1998 and opened to the public in 2001, after three years of constant development and testing.

Geas’ class- and level-less system allows your character to improve and advance the skills and abilities he or she uses most, thereby giving you maximum freedom and unlimited possibilities to develop your alter ego into the kind of character you imagine.

The features of Geas are too extensive to list, but they include an unmatched combat system, a dynamic economy, multiple languages, a player enforced legal system, hundreds of skills, an unbelievably detailed world, and roleplay which is both mandatory and strictly enforced.

Geas is an LPMud and uses the DGD gamedriver. It runs on a server, which is hosted by a nonprofit organization.


What is a MUD?

Geas Telnet ScreenA MUD is a type of online roleplaying game which has been around nearly as long as the Internet itself. A MUD generally features a large, dynamic world populated by a number of different player and non-player characters (NPCs). This allows people from around the world to interact and enjoy the game at the same time.

Geas, like many MUDs, is text-based, using no graphics at all. The use of text over graphics not only makes Geas run quickly and smoothly, but also makes it much more imaginative than most other games.

A good resource for more information about MUDs in general is The Official MUD FAQ.


What do I do when I play Geas?
One of the big advantages of playing a MUD like Geas is that what you do is pretty much up to you. There is a whole huge, unique world to explore. You can choose to become a fighter or a cleric, a politician or a hermit. You can join a guild for protection and special training in certain skills, or you can get some other players together and found your own. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


What is roleplay?
A MUD is an online roleplaying game, because each person creates and acts out the role of a certain character. The difference between a player and his character is the same as the difference between an actor and the role he plays. You start out by choosing some basic facts about your character, such as his name, gender, appearance, race, size, etc. You come up with some background for him which explains where he comes from and what his attitudes are. Then, when things happen in-game, you act out how your character would react, not how YOU would react. Maybe you are very shy in person, but your character might be flirtatious, arrogant, or outgoing. Maybe you love asparagus, but it’s your character’s most hated vegetable. The more you flesh out your character with details and quirks, the more fun it’s going to be to play him. A MUD is similar to a large, interactive story, and the better thought-out your character, the more interesting the story is going to be for all who interact with him.

Nervous about getting started? Don’t worry, Geas has many veteran players who will be happy to help you out!