Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I type who and read there are some players, but I can’t see any names. Is this a bug or are that invisible wizards?
A: It’s no bug. Sure, they can be invisible coders, but mostly they are players who haven’t introduced themselves to you yet. You simply don’t know them. Another possibility is that the players have chosen to not be shown on “who”.

Q: Why does noone hear me if I use the shout-command?
A: Because hout is in GEAS what it is supposed to be in reality: A shout. With shout, people can hear you in the adjacent rooms, but no farther.

Q: Is there some kind of tell or global message I can send to other players?
A: Yes, but only in a roleplaying way. By default you can only communicate with players who are in the same room as you. If you get a magical device or if you get access to special items, you can send tells or have maybe even a line.

Q: Can I improve levels or classes?
A: No, since we are level- and class-less. You can improve your statistics like strength or intelligence, and your current experience-level is given as a description, but we don’t have any levels.

Q: How can I improve skills?
A: By using them. All skills are learning by doing, which means that you improve skills as you use them. The higher the skill is, the more difficult it is to improve it. There are also some trainers out there who can teach you the basics of some skills.

Q: How can I join a guild?
A: Basically by finding a player who is high-ranked enough to let you join it and convincing him/her you are worthy.

Q: I died. What can I do?
A: There are several temples out there. Once you reach them as a ghost, you can pray at the altars. Then you get resurrected. Alternatively you can try to find another player whose character is a cleric. They can resurrect as well.

Q: How important is roleplay?
A: Very important. We expect that you act in the game as if you would be your character. For OOC-matters you have to use the OOC-area or @say. But know that we are not paranoid about roleplay and its usage. The goal of this mud is to provide fun.

Q: What is OOC?
A: OOC means Out Of Character and is everything which doesn’t belong to the game and concerns the player behind the character.

Q: Can I become a wizard in GEAS?
A: Sure, if the Admin decides you are worthy, you might be accepted as a wizard. But note that you should know the basics of this mud before you request wizard-hood.