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Hi there,

We created a Geas Facebook Page and a GeasMUD Twitter account. Both will be used to announce MUD changes, and the Twitter feed will also inform you about new forum threads (with the exception of the “bug” sub-forum, and only the FIRST post of NEW threads will be tweeted). So if you want to be kept up-to-date via your favorite social media, either go to our webpage or our forum, and “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (just click on the appropriate icon). We also added a RSS feed for our forum, so feel free to use that too.

In the case of Facebook we would really appreciate it if you could “like” the Geas page, because if we get 25 “fans” we can request a username for our URL there.

We really appreciate your support.


Yes, it’s the time of year when I curse snow shoveling, get increasingly aggravated by Christmas jingles in grocery stores, and plan my next escape to some sub-tropical island off the coast of Africa (poor poKorsario).

In other words, it’s the Geas 2010 Yearbook Survey time!

Like in every year you have again the chance to vote perfectly anonymously for people in various categories by typing “survey” and answering the questions. The results will be published at the beginning of next year.



PS: The winner of “Most likely to help a newbie” will get a gift from me.


Hi everyone,

I made a small addition to hide/sneak so that skilled users of these skills get an indication of variying quality indicating whether someone sees them or not. The change will take effect for everyone after reboot. Please note that the feature might be tuned/changed in the future.

Report any bugs to me via mud mail,



Hi everyone,

I made a small change in the court system. Now when deleting a case, the court house will keep a reference of what you stated. The cases which are deleted can be listed with ‘cases deleted’. This means basically that you can not remove them for good, so think about what you state to the court =)


This news was posted in MUD at Fri Nov 19 17:01:27 2010, but I added it here too for reference.


As the topic already says it, there’s a new combat special called “plunge”. Check out its help file, test it (if you can) and report any problems/typos to me. Thanks!



Hi all,

For all you vain people out there, there’s now a way to shave off some years from your character’s physical age. So if you’re tired of having your character look like a granny, there’s now a cure for it.

Needless to say that you have to find out on your own how to do that, and that it’s neither cheap nor easy. You also might have to repeat the process a couple of times before the change becomes apparent to an appraise.




In order to make heavy armours (plate mails) more attractive we have implemented a couple of changes:

+ The time it takes to get up when you fall down in combat was shortened.
+ The effectiveness against slashing and piercing weapons was increased.

Other perks haven’t been implemented yet, but I’ll let you know with a separate announcement once that happens. Additionally to that we will slowly add more standard plate-type armours in our shops over the next days and weeks.



I made some changes to the command and it should now be working as intended. It did not always print the correct output when comparing two livings. Let me know if any unexpected problems arise. Have fun comparing each other!

Brother Per


There was a small oversight in the tracking command that resulted in the track description defaulting to ‘very slight tracks’ for almost all cases. I have corrected this. Since this likely never worked before, I will need your
feedback. This will help us know if adjustments to the formula are necessary.

Brother Per



There are now two new types for the skills-command: ‘craftsman’ and ‘music’

These skills were split from the general type.

skills craftsman
skills music


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