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I caught an old problem with how the armour values were being set in the custom shop. I’ve corrected the mistakes and they should be live after next reboot.

Most of you will appreciate the fact that some of your customs will be stronger. A few (likely under ten) will be slightly weaker. Let me know if you experience any problems.




We changed the meditation skill a bit and adjusted its effectiveness to the realities of the game. Here is what’s different now:

+ You can no longer overhear what people are saying, but you will be notified that someone has said something.
+ You can no longer see who enters or leaves a room, but you will be informed that someone or something entered/left.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which can be heard will be displayed as noise.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which can only be seen will no longer be displayed.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which involve touching you will be displayed entirely.
+ If someone else causes noise or enters/leaves a room, there will be a chance (depending on your skill) of disturbing your meditation.
+ If someone touches you, your meditation will always be disturbed.
+ Before you recover fatigue/mana/health you will have to reach a meditative state of mind (you’ll get a message when you do).
+ The time between starting meditation and reaching a meditative state depends on your skill, how crowded your location is, and how much you were fighting within a certain amount of time prior to meditation.

What has NOT changed:

– Recovery rate of meditation is still as effective as it always was.
– There’s no armour/encumbrance restriction.
– There’s no guild restriction or guild bonus.

Naturally, with all those changes there might be a bug or two, or something might not be 100% balanced yet. If that’s the case, please report to me.




Hi there,

Courtesy of Linette and the people who suggested them on the Wiki, we’ve added more than a hundred new adverbs for the emotes. Naturally not all adverbs fit together with all emotes, but we’ve expect you to use common sense when using them. If there are typos or nonsensical adverbs, let me know.

Again, praises go to Linette and the volunteers who came up with them.



The results of the Geas yearbook survey are in. You can check them out on our forum:
or on the Wiki:



Wiki (http://wiki.geas.de) registration works again.




I’ve created a new inn system which lets you rent rooms for an extended period of time. Room rentals now survive reboot, and so do room keys. Additionally to that you can also rent storage chests for your room which let you store up to 25 items and which do not disappear at reboot. Naturally, rooms with storage chests are more expensive than the ones without, and also keep in mind that even though they are cheaper than lockers, they might not be as safe.

Renters are being charged weekly (IC) and if you do not pay for your room within 180 IC days (equals 30 OOC days) your old room and all its contents will be offered to the next renter.

Also, you can let the inn keeper replace lost keys for a fee, ask him for your room number, ask if rooms are available, etc. More information on what you can do and its syntax will be displayed in the inns.

Lastly, so far we’ve only changed Arborea, Elvandar and Naarved. Other inns will follow later. IF you have currently a room rented from one of the old inns, please collect your belongings if you left any, abandon the room, make sure you no longer have a room key, LEAVE the inn completely, and then you can go back in re-rent the room.

Please test the new rooms and please report problems ASAP to me.



All praise Abharsair! The year’s end survey is back.
You can access it with the command. Have fun!

If you have seconds please fill it in only once.

Brother Per Arborean Cur


The Arborea Team needs your help! Ask not what your wizards can do for you – ask what you can do for your mud! Mortals interested in giving back a little back to the game, this is your chance; you can help in various ways, any little thing helps! It can be writing a description or two, or just reporting any bugs that you find. For more information mail or commune to per expressing your interest. I may have a few projects that you could contribute to and help their speedy completion. No coding experience needed!

Brother Per, your friendly neighborhood Arborean Cur



We updated our game driver to version 1.3. For you this change should have no apparent effect, but for the next couple of days there might be some bugs which need to be ironed out, so please be patient.



I am in charge of custom items now. Please re-submit your orders if you have had trouble with them in the past few weeks. Thanks.


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