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Hi there,

The 2008 Yearbook results are out. You can check them out either on the forum ( http://s95103930.onlinehome.us/geas/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1104 ) or on our Wiki ( http://wiki.geas.de/view/Main/GeasYearbookResults2008 ).



Polls will be closed December 31st, so if you haven’t cast your votes yet, or changed your mind about a couple of categories, now would be a good time to type “survey” and answer the questions.


If you died recently to arrows or bolts fired at you, contact me. There was a bug in the damage calculation, resulting in your armour being ignored. I will then restore the vitality you lost in that death.



From next reboot on there will be several changes to our fatigue system. Basically what used to be fatigue will be split into general exhaustion (fatigue), and stamina. Stamina will be important for fast-paced, energetic activities, such as running fast or combat specials, whereas fatigue is responsible for long, tedious activities such as walking. The idea for this change comes from this thread:
and now we finally had the time to implement it.

So how does it work?

– Stamina drops quickly, but also increases quickly.

– Your current stamina can be seen if you type “hp” or “vitals”, but it’s only displayed if you start to run out of it.

– Resting, sleeping, meditating makes it rise faster, being in combat makes  it rise much slower.

– Your maximum stamina is always your current fatigue level.

What will the effect on your character be?

– If you walk normally without an alias or pre-typing 20 rooms at a time, you almost won’t notice stamina. If you however try to run from Elvandar to Arborea with a client-based alias, you won’t make it.

– General tiredness (fatigue) will increase slower. So if you walk slowly, you’ll be able to walk farther than you did so far.

– Combat specials will require more timing. Running away from a PvP situation will also require a bit more planning.

– Mounts will be more useful if you like to run fast, ships and miracles will be more convenient now.

Overall I really think this is a good change. We had several players test the new system for the last week, and we took their feedback into account. And before you discard this change as “this sucks”, please give it a chance by thoroughly trying it and getting used to it, and I have the feeling most of you will eventually prefer it to the old system.

Lastly, since this is a quite extensive change, there can always be bugs, despite the test players. We also haven’t changed all the activities which might eventually use stamina rather than fatigue, so there will be minor adjustments over time. The fatigue usage for combat/Shaolin specials are also not 100% set in stone yet, so depending on the overall feedback we might raise/lower the costs.



Hi there,

There have been some changes to reputation, most of which will become obvious after next reboot. The major ones are:

1) The maximum reputation one can achieve within an area can depend now on factors such as race and guild membership.

2) NPCs are now more hesitant to call someone a “miraculous person” or “saintly”. This doesn’t mean it’s harder to gain good reputation.  It only means the descriptions have shifted to encompass the entire range of possible reputation.

3) Hanging out with good people will improve your reputation slower,  and won’t get it above a certain level.

Lastly, within the next weeks we will probably make more services within a city depend on reputation, be it lowered/raised praises, or even denied services.



Due to the hard disk failure it is possible that player files are damaged and that you can no longer log in. If you get the message: ‘You are not allowed to login from this site‘ or a matrix failure for one of your characters, please contact the admin, so that we can restore your player file.



Hi there,

Horwitz informed me that a power outage killed one of our hard disks. Because of that the server couldn’t be reached for several hours. The good news, however, is that he already got a replacement disk, and the server will be back as soon as he replaced the damaged one.



The instrument skills have been renamed:

string instrument -> bowed strings
plucking instr. -> plucked strings
wind instrument -> woodwinds
percussion instr. -> percussion

It is possible that the old names are in certain places still in use (e.g. NPCs, specials), but with the next reboot the new names should work everywhere.



A slight refinement has been added to NPCs so that you can ask them ‘people’ and dependent on your reputation with the npc, they will either tell you nothing, or give you a list of the last 1-3 people they have see.




There are two issues I’d like to mention:

First, the good news. NPCs will now tell you whether they saw someone, how long ago it was, and in which direction that person left, or from which direction the NPC saw said person arrive. In order to be told whether a NPC saw someone, you can’t have a bad reputation in the area. In order to get a hint from the NPC as to where the person went, the asker will need quite a good reputation. That being said, if you notice a bug, please make a report.

Now to the more serious matter. We noticed recently how people seem to find their buddies “coincidentally” without any kind of IC communication (e.g. mind calls) and who then run around in teams often without speaking a single sentence. While this is theoretically not impossible to happen, it is quite unlikely if it takes place again and again. Therefore, let it be known that if we notice this kind of behaviour again, and we have the sneaking suspicion that most of the communication happens via messengers (MSN, AIM, whatever) or IRC, then there might be one warning, and if it’s done again, there will be severe repercussions. This is a roleplay MUD and we will not tolerate it if IC communication takes place OOC.


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