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Hi Folks,
we just fixed a bug in armour weight calculation, which lead to extremely high armour encumberance for large beings (like tshaharks), and on the other hand to ridiculously light armours for small characters like dwarves and halflings.

We have now fixed this calculation routine, which will lead into a finally fair and more realistic armour weight encumberance calculation. For smaller beings like halflings and dwarves this of course means a slightly higher encumberance, so have a look at your vitals before rushing into combat.

It might be necessary to quit quit reenter to update your armours.



Hi folks,
we have just introduced a new little but extremely useful feature for the commands say, tell and ask – you are now able to choose the language your chararacter uses directly within the same command line:

Please check out:
say in quenya: Nice weather today
ask in boreal: Is it really snowing outside?
ask <person> in boreal: Would you mind to get me a slice of cheesecake?
tell <person> in gnar: No, I did not get abducted lately.
whisper <person> in khuzdul: Dwarves suck!
shout in common: No, not today, I got a headache!

Please note the mandatory syntax:
<command> [person] in <language:<space><Your Text>

Have fun and praise Turian!



Hi folks,
we had a small update in food heaps (more than one food of the same type at the same location) which requires a reload of your commandsouls. Please quit quit reenter once, or all your nice little foods might vanish in in the deep black void :)


Hi all,
we have a new wonderful little feature in game, which now also allows you to “guess” the “season” of the year.

Happy guessing! – and don’t forget to praise Turian!



A small addition for all those who were annoyed that you can’t scalp yer heads. You now can.

Check the helpfile for questions and report bugs to me.

rock on,



we have a small but important update on armours and their encumberance in combat.

First, under specific circumstances it was possible that especially light armours did not encumber you anymore, resulting in dropping light armour skills even when you have been wearing light armours – this has been changed now, if you wear enough light armours they will also encumber you – and the skill will not drop anymore.

Secondly, the encumberance is now also displayed in “armourstats”

Third, each armour can “encumber” you, encumber you “a bit” or encumber you “much”, which is just a better indicator how much you are encumbered.


you are now able to drop things from your inventory even in total darkness,
but don’t be too astonished if you confuse some stuff every now and then.



we have changed the business conditions for banks: The fees for transactions are reduced by 50%, only 2.5% fee per transaction from now on. Also, there is a minimum (2bc) and maximum (2gc) transaction fee now. The @weekly fee of 1% of your balance has been removed without substitution.



We have a new switch “toggle prompt”, please check out help toggle.


thanks to Turian’s unwearying work for our mud, you now have a new command which allows you to review the last messages your character received, incase you missed parts of a communication or so.

The name of the new command is “recap”, please check it out (and also help recap) and don’t forget to praise Turian.

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