From next reboot on there will be several changes to our fatigue system. Basically what used to be fatigue will be split into general exhaustion (fatigue), and stamina. Stamina will be important for fast-paced, energetic activities, such as running fast or combat specials, whereas fatigue is responsible for long, tedious activities such as walking. The idea for this change comes from this thread:
and now we finally had the time to implement it.

So how does it work?

– Stamina drops quickly, but also increases quickly.

– Your current stamina can be seen if you type “hp” or “vitals”, but it’s only displayed if you start to run out of it.

– Resting, sleeping, meditating makes it rise faster, being in combat makesĀ  it rise much slower.

– Your maximum stamina is always your current fatigue level.

What will the effect on your character be?

– If you walk normally without an alias or pre-typing 20 rooms at a time, you almost won’t notice stamina. If you however try to run from Elvandar to Arborea with a client-based alias, you won’t make it.

– General tiredness (fatigue) will increase slower. So if you walk slowly, you’ll be able to walk farther than you did so far.

– Combat specials will require more timing. Running away from a PvP situation will also require a bit more planning.

– Mounts will be more useful if you like to run fast, ships and miracles will be more convenient now.

Overall I really think this is a good change. We had several players test the new system for the last week, and we took their feedback into account. And before you discard this change as “this sucks”, please give it a chance by thoroughly trying it and getting used to it, and I have the feeling most of you will eventually prefer it to the old system.

Lastly, since this is a quite extensive change, there can always be bugs, despite the test players. We also haven’t changed all the activities which might eventually use stamina rather than fatigue, so there will be minor adjustments over time. The fatigue usage for combat/Shaolin specials are also not 100% set in stone yet, so depending on the overall feedback we might raise/lower the costs.