There are two issues I’d like to mention:

First, the good news. NPCs will now tell you whether they saw someone, how long ago it was, and in which direction that person left, or from which direction the NPC saw said person arrive. In order to be told whether a NPC saw someone, you can’t have a bad reputation in the area. In order to get a hint from the NPC as to where the person went, the asker will need quite a good reputation. That being said, if you notice a bug, please make a report.

Now to the more serious matter. We noticed recently how people seem to find their buddies “coincidentally” without any kind of IC communication (e.g. mind calls) and who then run around in teams often without speaking a single sentence. While this is theoretically not impossible to happen, it is quite unlikely if it takes place again and again. Therefore, let it be known that if we notice this kind of behaviour again, and we have the sneaking suspicion that most of the communication happens via messengers (MSN, AIM, whatever) or IRC, then there might be one warning, and if it’s done again, there will be severe repercussions. This is a roleplay MUD and we will not tolerate it if IC communication takes place OOC.