We’ve added a new way of making money: lumberjacking.

Yes, that’s right. No more pesky tree logs which are as useful as nipples on men. Now if you cut down a tree, you can “cut” the log into a “beam”. This beam can be transported (carried, pulled, or put on a cart dragged by yourself for a horse) to a lumber yard and sold there for good money. The value of a beam or log depends on its size and the type of wood (some kinds are more valuable than others), and the size of the beam will depend on your wood working skill.

So far the only lumber yard is next to the Arborea harbour, but if it works, we will add more places where you can sell your wood. Also, the price for wood might be changed in the future depending on how much money people will
be able to make.

Lastly, please read “help carts” (we lowered the prices for renting carts), “help trees” and “help mounts” for all the commands you might need.