I’ve created a new inn system which lets you rent rooms for an extended period of time. Room rentals now survive reboot, and so do room keys. Additionally to that you can also rent storage chests for your room which let you store up to 25 items and which do not disappear at reboot. Naturally, rooms with storage chests are more expensive than the ones without, and also keep in mind that even though they are cheaper than lockers, they might not be as safe.

Renters are being charged weekly (IC) and if you do not pay for your room within 180 IC days (equals 30 OOC days) your old room and all its contents will be offered to the next renter.

Also, you can let the inn keeper replace lost keys for a fee, ask him for your room number, ask if rooms are available, etc. More information on what you can do and its syntax will be displayed in the inns.

Lastly, so far we’ve only changed Arborea, Elvandar and Naarved. Other inns will follow later. IF you have currently a room rented from one of the old inns, please collect your belongings if you left any, abandon the room, make sure you no longer have a room key, LEAVE the inn completely, and then you can go back in re-rent the room.

Please test the new rooms and please report problems ASAP to me.