We changed the meditation skill a bit and adjusted its effectiveness to the realities of the game. Here is what’s different now:

+ You can no longer overhear what people are saying, but you will be notified that someone has said something.
+ You can no longer see who enters or leaves a room, but you will be informed that someone or something entered/left.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which can be heard will be displayed as noise.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which can only be seen will no longer be displayed.
+ Messages caused by someone else and which involve touching you will be displayed entirely.
+ If someone else causes noise or enters/leaves a room, there will be a chance (depending on your skill) of disturbing your meditation.
+ If someone touches you, your meditation will always be disturbed.
+ Before you recover fatigue/mana/health you will have to reach a meditative state of mind (you’ll get a message when you do).
+ The time between starting meditation and reaching a meditative state depends on your skill, how crowded your location is, and how much you were fighting within a certain amount of time prior to meditation.

What has NOT changed:

– Recovery rate of meditation is still as effective as it always was.
– There’s no armour/encumbrance restriction.
– There’s no guild restriction or guild bonus.

Naturally, with all those changes there might be a bug or two, or something might not be 100% balanced yet. If that’s the case, please report to me.