I’ve expanded our “emote” command. Please read “help emote” to familiarize yourself with its features. A quick overview of what is new:

1) Your name can now be anywhere in the sentence rather than always at the beginning.

2) You can now address objects (armours, weapons, etc) as well.

3) You can now conjugate verbs.

4) Emote now uses ANSI colors (you can turn off/turn on/set them under “setcolor communication”).

Since the code is rather complex, I fully expect some problems at the beginning, so if you encounter bugs, please let me know immediately (either post on the forums, send me a mudmail or commune me directly). However, before you decide that it’s a bug, please make sure you fully read and understood the help-file (of course if you think the help-file isn’t clear enough on certain things, let me know as well).

Lastly, there are several rules to prevent abuse of the new emote command, so please read them carefully.