skills <player>                  <---- Wizards only
        skills <skilltype>
        skills <player> <skilltype>      <---- Wizards only
        skills alpha or skills /a        sort after names
        skills type or skills /t         sort after skilltype
        skills difference or skills /d   only skills with difference between
                                         practical and theoretical value
        skills none                      no sort


        With this command, you can see your knowledge and your effective level
        of all your skills.  With the command : skills <skilltype> you can see
        the level of a certain type of skill.  These type are:
        fighting, magic, thief, language, general, martial, craftsman and music.

        To raise your skills, you have to use them. All skills are learned by
        doing. Some skills are more difficult to learn than other skills.
        The difficulty to learn a skill can depend on your profession.

        A skill is divided into two parts: the practical and the theoretical
        value. If you use a skill regularly, the practical value will normally
        stay at the same level as the theoretical one. But if you don't
        practice your skill for quite some time, the practical value might
        decrease. In this case, train the skill again and the practical value
        will increase again.
        Note that the improvement of the practical skill alone will be easier
        than the improvement of both the theoretical and practical.

        The improvement in a skill is based on your current level in that
        This means that it is easier to learn the basics of a skill while on
        the other hand it gets tougher and more difficult to learn a skill to
        its highest knowledge.

        There are a number of different levels you can achieve in your skills.
        These are divided into these main groups:

        student, amateur, layman, acolyte, journeyman, craftsman,
        professional, veteran, master and guru.

        In these, you can reach these sublevels:

        novice, junior, apprentice, confident, seasoned, expert, eminent,
        brilliant, senior and superior.


        skill <name>   - see the level of a specific skill

        stats, vitals, skillist, skillevels, skillvalue, recap