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I previously announced on the forums that we were in the process of introducing a “reincarnation” system, and today we are going to activate it. For those of you who don’t participate actively on the forums, here’s a short explanation:

With “reincarnate” you are able to permanently retire a character and partially transfer his/her skills/experience to a new character. For a more detailed description of the process, please check out “help reincarnate”.

As with all new features (especially those which have a significant impact on game play), you might encounter bugs or unwanted effects when you try it out. In this case, please contact me immediately and I will help you to sort it out.



As I announced quite a while ago, we have now capped the maximum favor you can gain with a god by doing rituals at his/her shrine (example: Zhakrin scale, Asral sacrificial pit, etc.). If you want to raise your favor above the limit, you will have to attend sermons. If you fail to attend a sermon, you will lose favor in proportion to the amount you already have.

In addition to that, if you ask a shrine priest about “sermon”, he/she will tell you the time that the next sermon will take place.



Starting today, certain shrine priests will notify all of his/her god’s followers that there is going be a sermon to attend to. As for now this only means that you will have an additional source of divine favour, the opportunity to meet fellow believers,  and the chance to socialize with like-minded characters.

However, in the near future (once we are reasonably sure that everything works as planned), we will cap the favour you will receive through rituals (e.g. lighting candles, tossing sacrifices into fire pits, and so on) and you will need to attend said  sermons to reach maximum favour. This will of course affect only ordinary followers, and NOT Clerics.

Also, if you don’t attend those sermons, you will lose a small amount of favour, but this will be implemented at a later time when we are sure that everything works.

Lastly, four of our gods have only the (extremely) boring and often nonsensical default sermon, so I would appreciate it a lot if someone who feels creative enough would come up with a customized sermon and submits it to me.

As usual, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns, encounter a bug, etc., please contact me.



Hi there,

From now on, if you fall unconscious, you will drop your weapons. Unlike NPCs you will not pick them up automatically after you wake up, so remember to do that before you leave the room.



Hi Folks,
due to your feedback we applied another set of changes to the game, to ease fatigue and stamina issues for chars, with a special focus on newbies once again, but some changes affect everybody of course.

Here is a brief summary:
1.) We increased the overall fatigue/stamina maximum for young characters, small characters will generally tire and get out of breath a bit slower
2.) The recovery of fatigue and stamina has once again been increased (for all characters, younger ones should experience a stronger effect)
3.) Movement consumes a bit less fatigue and stamina (for all characters, younger ones should experience a stronger effect)
4.) The calculation of how much encumberance causes how much fatigue and stamina loss (all actions) has been changed
5.) Combat-specials cost a bit less fatigue now but a bit more stamina instead – which leads into shorter recovery phases after combat

All changes will be active within the next 2 hours (after reboot).

Please check those changes and leave your feedback in the forums!

Thank you in advance!


Folks, you now can also make needles, please check “help make” for more information.


Greetings dudes and dudettes,
thanks to Turian we have two new nice and nifty features in game:

1.) Following roads with horses and pedestrians
Since mounts tend to walk faster than pedestrians, following a road/path with pedestrians in team while being mounted caused the team to be split, as the mount simply is faster. You now have a new option “follow road slowly”, which will make your mount walk as slow as pedestrians. If you use the same option while walking on your own feet, you walk a bit slower than normal. (Please check out help follow)

2.) Walking
Walking (the follow path mode) has been changed too – once your char switches into follow path mode (since every room has only two exits), you will always stop at the next room with more than two exits.

“Walk west” makes your character walk west as long as there is an exit west in the room OR your character walks into any direction (your character is switched into “follow path mode”) if there is only one direction left to walk to (if you are in a canyon for example, your character will walk north if the only exit you did not come from is north). If your character switches into the follow path mode, he will stop in the first room with more than 2 exits, even if there is an option to walk further west.

Both features still are in beta and need some testing, please report if you encounter problems.


This is an information for all clerics:

Since the last reboot the display of the ground alignment has been changed. Ground alignment is now displayed for all clergies relative to the gods preference, meaning that the ground is displayed as sacred for a cleric if the ground meets the gods preference best, and it is displayed as desecrated (or so) if it meets the preference of the god worse. This is done to support the multi-dimensional faith system Geas has.

Please inform us via report in case we forgot something (or if things behave oddly).



Hi Folks,
Turian vastly extended the ANSII coloring the past days:

1.) There is a new coloring option under setcolor combat when your char  is attacked, or the foes turn to him
2.) Miracles and spells are now separated, please check out setcolor spells / miracles
3.) Music can be colored now too, check out setcolor misc



Due to major problems, I rewrote a part of the juggling system which handles stopping to juggle in a more consistant manner. Due to the nature of the change some things that should not work might now work and the other way around.
Please verify that everything you expect to be working while juggling works and report any oddities.

Rock On

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