Greetings dudes and dudettes,
thanks to Turian we have two new nice and nifty features in game:

1.) Following roads with horses and pedestrians
Since mounts tend to walk faster than pedestrians, following a road/path with pedestrians in team while being mounted caused the team to be split, as the mount simply is faster. You now have a new option “follow road slowly”, which will make your mount walk as slow as pedestrians. If you use the same option while walking on your own feet, you walk a bit slower than normal. (Please check out help follow)

2.) Walking
Walking (the follow path mode) has been changed too – once your char switches into follow path mode (since every room has only two exits), you will always stop at the next room with more than two exits.

“Walk west” makes your character walk west as long as there is an exit west in the room OR your character walks into any direction (your character is switched into “follow path mode”) if there is only one direction left to walk to (if you are in a canyon for example, your character will walk north if the only exit you did not come from is north). If your character switches into the follow path mode, he will stop in the first room with more than 2 exits, even if there is an option to walk further west.

Both features still are in beta and need some testing, please report if you encounter problems.