Timetable of Early Historical Events

(B.A. = Before Arrival, A.A. = After Arrival)

Approximately 4500 B.A. Creation of the Dwarves.
Approximately 4000 B.A. Creation of the Elves.
Approximately 3800 B.A. First encounter of Elves and Dwarves.
3601 B.A. Foundation of Eal-Deliah (according to the Elvish calendar).
3171 B.A. Foundation of the southern Dwarvish outpost (according to the records of the mining society).
Approximately 2000 B.A. Creation of the Halflings.
1955 B.A. First encounter between Elvish hunters and Halflings (according to Elvish history and the Halfling-Empire calendar).
Approximately 500 B.A. Creation of Mankind.
101 B.A Day of Evren’s Gift.
Probably 12 B.A. Creation of the Insect-Race.
Probably 11 B.A. Escape of Mankind.
0 A.A. Arrival of Mankind in Forostar.
3 A.A. Foundation of Arborea.
5 A.A. First official encounter between Mankind and the Elves.
7 A.A. Spring Arborean delegation travels to Eal-Deliah.
7 A.A. Autumn Humans attack the Elves.
8 A.A. Winter Humans plunder and raze Eal-Deliah. Elves flee to the north.
9 A.A. Foundation of Elvandar.
9 – 12 A.A. Ongoing battles between Elves and Humans.
13 A.A. Spring Halflings join the Elves as spies, saboteurs and scouts.
14 – 23 A.A. The war stagnates. Only small skirmishes along the front-line.
24 A.A. Winter The Dwarves join the Elves in their war against the Humans.
25 A.A. Spring The allied armies start a major assault against the Arborean forces.
26 A.A. Autumn Battle of Bragach Ealadar. Tar-Rocthlu, 3rd Arborean and 27th Human king, dies without an heir.
27 – 29 A.A. Arborea is under siege.
29 A.A. Summer The Insect-Race lands near the bay of Ar-Samrach and erects a bridgehead in the swamp.
29 A.A. Summer Day-of-Countless-Tears. Insects slaughter most of the allied armies which are trapped between the attackers and the Arborean city walls.
29 A.A. Autumn Insects lay siege on Arborea.
30 A.A. Winter Adoption of Mankind by the God Asral. The new clerics break the siege. Insects retreat.
31 A.A. Elves, Halflings and Humans sign a peace treaty. Heavy fighting with the Insects.
33 A.A. Spring Arborean calvalry rescues a group of Dwarves from the insects. The Dwarves sign a peace treaty with the Humans and join the Alliance against the Insects.
33 A.A. Winter Magnus Woundweaver founds the Legion of Forostar.
33 – 36 A.A. Several major battles between the Alliance and the Insects. None of the sides gains a decisive advantage.
37 A.A. Summer Creation of the Tshaharks.
37 – 41 A.A. The Insects are forced to retreat.
41 A.A. Winter Final battle in the swamp and destruction of the insect-hive.
41 A.A. Spring Ratification of a final peace treaty between Elves, Halflings, Dwarves and the Humans. 30-day festival to celebrate the victory and peace.
41 – 49 A.A. Scattered groups of Insects are hunted down.
50 A.A. Summer The ritual to keep the Tshaharks alive is halted. They continue to exist.
67 – 69 A.A. Growing animosity between the other races (except the Dwarves) and the Tshaharks results in the Tshahark-Wars. The heavily outnumbered Tshaharks flee into the mountains of Giat.
70 A.A. The Dwarves grant the Tshaharks asylum. The Tshaharks assist the Dwarves in killing the dragons of Giat.
72 – 73 A.A. The Dwarves build a castle for the Tshaharks.